About Me

I am an associate professor of international relations in the Political Science and Diplomacy Department of Pusan National University in Busan, Korea.

PhD, 2005:

  • Political Science
    • International Relations
      • international security
      • international organization
    • Political Theory
  • Ohio State University


Publication Outlets:

Social Media:

Television Appearances:

  • Collected here on YouTube

My best topical & regional areas are:

  • US Foreign Policy
  • International Relations Theory
  • World Bank
  • International Monetary Fund
  • East Asia
  • Middle East
  • Korea

In Busan, I teach US foreign policy, Globalization, Post-9/11 Security, basic IR theory, International Organization, and US politics.

My language training includes: German, French, Russian, Latin, Korean, classical Greek

I lived in Europe for 4 years. I have lived in Korea since summer 2008. I have travelled to about 40 different countries, including North Korea.

My wife teaches yoga; we have a daughter. My father is an excellent historian. My mother is a high school English teacher.

What Else?

In my other life, I would have been a screenwiter, a musician, or a classicist. I enjoy film a lot and write about infrequently here. I also enjoy classical music very much (Austro-Germans mostly), and I read a lot of course. I find antiquity so fascinating I took two extra years of grad school just to study Greek and Latin. Reading Socrates’ ‘Apology’ in the original is one great achievements of my life.

And I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t admit how much time I like to waste on Xbox. Grade-schoolers mocking me over the headset as they blow me up in ‘Halo’ seems to be my gaming fate. Send me a friend request at gamertag ‘Darth Homer.’

Thanks for coming to my site. I hope you like it.

20 thoughts on “About Me

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  2. I took your class as an undergrad at OSU…you had us watch Dr. Strangelove…I still remember you almost falling out of your chair from laughter at different points from the movie….You had us write a paper…you once brought me out into the hall and told me that mine sucked, but it couldn’t have been THAT bad since I got an A- in the class..hahaha, in all seriousness, I really enjoyed your class. Had I known you were in Korea when I was there over the 2006 New Years, I would have looked you up….I was teaching English in Japan at that point and the DMZ tour was by far one of the coolest things I have ever done.

    Matt Nunn
    OSU ’05
    Syracuse Law ’13

    • Well I am glad you liked the class and did pretty well. I still show Dr. Strangelove. It is a great film. Glad to see you found your way into a good grad program.

      Best of luck,

  3. great blog – i stumbled upon it after reading “the german-korean unification parallel” for a paper i’m writing on the korea herald’s reporting about unification. i look forward to many more insights from your posts! all the best!

    • Glad you like it. Thank you. That KJDA piece is only a most basic sketch. The definitive comparative treatment of German and Korean unification scenarios is still waiting to be written.

  4. I have to agree. This is a great blog, I appreciate the depth, insight and humor. It’s nice to read an intelligent/educated blog about Korea without all the usual pop content. Just good reads.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Mark L.
    Gwangju, South Korea
    M.A. in Literature

  5. Amazing experiences! I think you could be interested in one of my post:


    Nice blog by the way! Hope you would like to share some of your experiences in Academic Insight. It’s a Blog including professional’s interviews, university activities, student associations (offering also internships) to enrich CV and personality and to link university and jobs! Over 23.000 views in the first 3 months!



  6. I came across your blog after reading a reply you had to another “scholar” who visited NK. I was an USAF officer stationed in Europe in the late 80s and early 90s. I remember taking the train from West Germany into Berlin. What I remembered of the tour of East Germany was how gray and ugly the landscape. Eventually, we reached the outskirts of West Berlin and it was a kaleidescope of colors in a sea of gray. No wonder the Russians hated our presence in that city. It made a mockery of the workers paradise on a daily basis. From what I understand, East Germany was nothing compared to the drabness that is NK. How anyone can write a cheery article on the last anachronistic Stalinist state is beyond me. Keep up the good work and make sure you don’t fight in the war room. 🙂

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  11. Just found your blog and I’m hooked. Love it, love it. You’re kind of like B.R. Myers, except with wit and humor! No offense to B.R. Myers, I like him as well.

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