Going to IQMR – Some Summer Asian Security Reading – Back in August

I am off to the Institute for Qualitative and and Multi-Method Research for their summer training at Syracuse University. Take a look at the syllabus. Whoa. ‘Can you spell ‘Bayesian hermeneutics’ correctly, little Johnny? No? Me neither!’ But the preparation … Continue reading

What I am Reading

CURRENT READING: James Clavell, Shogun, 1975     Recently READ or WATCHED: 2019 Books/Articles: Michael Lind, “John Mearsheimer on International Relations, Great Power Politics, and the Age of Trump,” 2018 Meghan McConaughey, et al. “Beyond Anarchy: Logics of Political Organization, Hierarchy, … Continue reading


“North Korea is Ultimately China’s Problem,” with Isaac Fish, Foreign Affairs, June 8, 2018   “Trump’s North Korean Nuclear Theatrics,” New York Review of Books, June 5, 2018   “History Wars in 2018? (Japan-Korea),” Debate with Jennifer Lind, Asan Institute, … Continue reading