About this Blog/Disclaimer

Please note that this blog is a personal project. The opinions herein expressed are mine alone. They are not those of my department, college, or university.

Thank you for coming. Please leave a comment on any post you like.

This blog aims to fill a gap. There are good blogs on international relations (IR) theory and foreign policy. And good regional blogs, especially on Middle East. But none that marry IR with the regions in Asia. So this is my attempt to graph IR theory onto Asia in the every day. If you want more sustained academic treatment of IR in Asia, try here and here.

My primary areas of coverage in order are:

East Asia

Middle East


South/Southeast Asia

I will also add ocassional posts on US domestic politics, film, and cultural Koreanisms.

Please email me if you like: robertkelly260@hotmail.com.

7 thoughts on “About this Blog/Disclaimer

  1. I think you will need to do a blog post about ‘that video’ purely to share your reactions to the overwhelming positive sentiment towards you and your family 🙂

  2. Hi Dr. Kelly!
    I just had a happy time watching your video and truly made my day for sure.
    That was truly precious and hope you and your family could share that moment 🙂

  3. Note: I am re-submitting this blog post notification request. I apologize for the previous message with the typos.

    Please subscirbe me to your blog posts. Thank you, Dr. Kelly!

  4. Hi Professor Kelly,

    You nailed professionally during that interview, there is no need to feel embarrassed. I am sure the special exposure will also make people focus on your academic achievement. I have subscribed your blog and I am really inspired by your reading list.

    Hope you enjoy teaching and making more TV appearance, and your kids are very very cute.

  5. Hi Dr. Kelly, sir, you have an absolutely lovely, beautiful and precious family. Two gorgeous, precious little children, and a lovely wife. You seem like a brilliant professor too. This video was fantastic, absolutely wonderful. Please don’t be embarrassed. You have give the world exactly what it needs right now, laughter and joy, which has replaced the anger, hate, and misery which it has had an abundance of lately. Dr. Kelly, sir, thank you, to you and your whole family, thank you so much. Take care of them sir, and yourself. They’re wonderful.

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