The Korean Public Saved Korean Democracy from their own Corrupt Political Class

This is the English-language version of an article I published this week with Newsweek Japan on ‘Choi-gate.’ This pre-dates the impeachment vote of yesterday, but the basic point still holds: the Korean public just gave the world a lesson in … Continue reading

More on South Korean ‘Anti-Japanism’ and the Intra-Korean Legitimacy Contest

The challenge to South Korea this picture represents is my argument for where South Korea’s extraordinary national hang-up about Japan comes from. Last month, I wrote about ‘anti-Japanism’ in South Korea. I tried to make an argument for why I … Continue reading

My ‘Newsweek Japan’ Story on Korea’s Regional Foreign Policy: Being an Encircled Middle Power Sucks

Newsweek Japan asked me to contribute an essay on Korean foreign policy for a special issue on current Northeast Asian tension. I also wrote the introductory essay for this special issue. There is one essay each on Japan, China, and … Continue reading

Samsung, Apple, and Intellectual Property in Korea – UPDATE: Saenuri drops Reform of Chaebol Corporate Governance *sigh*

UPDATE: This story couldn’t be more perfectly timed for argument I make in this post. (H/t to Zach Keck.) This one sentence captures a lot of what is wrong with the political economy in Korea: “Compelling conglomerates to unwind their intricate … Continue reading